Be Right Back…

Today’s my Fifth Wedding Anniversary to my lovely wife, M. Five quick and slow years. I believe five is the Wood Anniversary. The rest of the weekend will be taken up with a disc golf tournament I am helping run.

What, you’re married? Yes, sorry ladies (and gay not-that-there’s-anything-wrong-with-that gentlemen). What the crap is disc golf? A game I like to play and another topic for another day. What, you’re leaving all three of us without your insanely great, witty musings from Inside Mr. KaryHead for a whole weekend. Most likely.

2 thoughts on “Be Right Back…

  1. the musings that are Mr. Karyhead have taken me back to a place I once lived with my friends the sons of Thunder, Bill McNary, Judas the talking pillow, and an assortment of fellas that made things from their butts (cheddar-cheese Combos anyone?). Oh the glory days.

  2. Yes, I remember those fellows well. Except for Judas. Did we meet him on the skiing trip? I can’t remember.

    I wish we still had the videos we made. Who knows where there are now? Dang those nitrates in the water supply.

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