Podcasting on IMKH

Survey says: Stinks

I technically wasn’t going to podcast. It’s really more of an audioblog thing I had in mind. I tried, really, I did. I recorded a couple different archive posts and I’m just not happy with them. I recorded that dang shark post about 5 different times.

After a couple of evening’s experimentation, here are my thoughts on my audioblogging skills:

  • Apparently things sound much funnier in my head than when spoken aloud. Turns out I have a completely different style of speaking in my head than I do out of my mouth and it doesn’t translate very well
  • I sound like I’m from Mississippi. There could be a reason for that
  • The built-in mic on my Powerbook isn’t the best for quality audio recording. This is a cop out reason

I’m not totally giving up, I might do some audioblogging in the future, but I ain’t real keen on reading old posts.

BTW, As you know, I have l33t photoshop skillz. And now you know that I also have mad picture-taking skillz cause I totally took that picture.

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