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SCT goes to the movies.

From time-to-time I’ve mentioned the musical revue that I’m in this summer, mainly as my excuse as to why I haven’t been updating as much as I would like. We’ve been really busy with rehearsals and this week is an exception. We’ve been super-duper busy. The show opens Thursday night. Yikes! But I feel it is coming together and it will be a knock-out show.

The theme is music from the movies. We’re taking favorites from popular movies throughout the last several decades and giving them that special I-don’t-know-what. James Bond, Little Shop of Horrors, Disney favorites and Fame just to name a few. The set is done, the lights are up and the musicians are ready. Come relax and enjoy an evening of toe-tappin’, tear-jerkin’, soulful singin’.

You need to be there. The best part is, the tickets are FREE! That’s right, you won’t have to pay a penny for a ticket. All we ask is for a minimum of $25 donation to the theater. What? You think that was sneaky? It is a fund raiser after all, you cheap skate. So come support your local community theater. And you won’t find any better entertainment around.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Thursday, July 28th
  • Friday, July 29th
  • Saturday, July 30th
  • Thursday, August 4th
  • Friday, August 5th
  • Saturday, August 6th

The show starts at 7:30pm each night. There will be a champagne and dessert reception following each show.

Surely, out of these six evenings you can find one to come check out the show. I don’t care how far you have to drive or fly; you can see me strut my stuff on Footloose, sing the Elvis ballad “Love Me Tender” and many other exciting tunes. And if you think I’m talented, you ain’t seen nothing yet; I’m the least talented performer in the show! Now that’s not to say that I’m not talented (of course, see Awesome Lessons) but that we have an amazing, gifted cast that will knock your socks off.

So drop what you are doing and call the box office for your reservations: 662-323-6855

10 thoughts on “Now Showing…

  1. You are SO NOT the least talented person in the show. Fans… You probably already know Kary as the drole kidster he is, but we at SCT are just learning! Kary is MUCHO fun, talented, and energetic and totally worth at least $25 (…that sounds funny.. oh well..) 🙂

  2. Do come see the show and my favorite stalkee, Kary. Yes, he may be married. And yes, I may be old enough to be his mee-maw. But, girly-girls, just wait’ll you hear him sing “Love Me Tender” . . . you’ll want to stalk him too! Kary, honey, so glad you’re a part of our show. Your personality just POPS — right to the back row. Our audiences are gonna love you! *sultry voice* And you know I already do. *not-so-sultry voice* HEE!

  3. Sneaky little rascals! I better cancel my flight to “southren state“!

    Have a great time out there, and don’t be too nervous. Those people out there are in support of you, not against you. So ham it up Mr. KaryHead!

  4. Thanks very much for the lovely comments. I’ve had a great time putting the show together and getting to know all the friendly, talented people at SCT. Especially you, Maddy, teehee.

    And Darth, if you can drive from Canada to Mississippi in 7 hours, I’ll be mightily impressed and will buy your ticket, er, I mean pay your donation for you!

  5. Yes. SCT == Starkville Community Theater.

    The playhouse is on Main street, right next to Old Venice Pizza. So swing by the Burgundy Room, have a drink (or three), hop next door to the theater, enjoy the show, then afterwards go upstairs for champagne and dessert.

    See, a smashing good time can be had in Starkville.

  6. KR said, ” . . . Especially you, Maddy, teehee.”

    *S W O O N*

    Oh hell, I’ve got it baaaaaaaaad!

  7. Hmmmmmmmm . . . Just had a thought.

    You have a stalker named Maddy.
    You have a wife named Mandy.

    How confusing for you.

    Poor baby.

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