The Rhubarb Tour

Garrison Keillor is tha man. Fo’ real yo. He gets +5 Awesome Points right off the bat because he came out in a suit, red tie and….red freakin’ sneakers. They looked like Sauconys but it was hard to tell from the second to last row of the coliseum. And, and he had red socks on. The man is 63 years old. He rocks.

Please tell me you know who I’m talking about. Garrison Keillor? A Prairie Home Companion? NPR? Hello?


Anyway, he’s an amazing story teller, singer and all around entertainer. He had you laughing one moment at the Catsup Advisory Board segment and crying the next with a song about Shep the family dog that died.

Fred Newman. And I thought my sound effects were good. I guess his job might be secure from me taking it. Garrison would adlib a story and Fred would have to make up sound efx for it on the spot. Totally awesome. Who else could do the duck version of Purple Haze? You had to be there.

I had just gotten back from vacation in Florida and went to see The Rhubarb Tour. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was very tired but I’m glad I went. It was very enjoyable.

See it.

6 thoughts on “The Rhubarb Tour

  1. Ellen and I were there, too! It was great! I wish we’d known you were gonna be there. We met up with Maddy and Cherri post-show and went for eats.

    We loved the show. The song comprised of various poems from Wordsworth, Yeates, Keats, Burns, et al. was worth the price of admission for me.

    And I loved the “Claire de Lune” played on a fire-extinguisher. Ha! Do you think Garrison makes up different things on the fly for Fred to do each night? We’re thinking so because once or twice we could see Fred give him the “you’ve GOT to be kidding right?” look. Ha!

    Good show!

  2. I have a crush on Fred Newman. I looked him up online this morning so I could get a closer look at him. Not to worry, tho. This in no way diminishes my love/lust for the Kary.

    My seat was three seats in from the center aisle down which Garrison strolled whilst singing. He paused next to my row and I’m sure he looked at me. Well, at least one of his eyes did.

    Kary, when I saw his red sneakers, I thought of you. But then, I think of you a lot anyway.

    Did you cry as you sang along with “Can’t Help Falling In Love with You?” I did. And I thought of all our Now Showing folks. Especially you.

    It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know you were in the same room with me last night. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate.

    I loved that singing woman’s voice. Her outfit was unfortunate, tho.

  3. lyle:

    Ahhh poot. Yeah, we would’ve totally met up with you all.

    The show was great and yes, I think Garrison was ad-libbing those stories.


    Wow you had great seats! Makes me wish I had bought my tickets before last week. We really couldn’t see all that well. Plus I have the bad eyes.

    And of course he looked at you. How could he not notice you?

    Singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love with You” was really nice and brought back lots of good feelings.

    I agree on the woman’s voice and I’ll take your word on the outfit.

    See y’all soon!

  4. Let me walk you through it.

    She had on a knee-length sparkly sequiny silver skirt with no hose (her legs were WHITE with a capital “T!”), a gauzy white billowy blouse (…Does anyone actually use the word “blouse” anymore?… except for me just then, of course), and white low sandal-esque foot coverings. I gave her voice a 10… her outfit a total 2.

    I shared this with Ellen early on in the show, and she said, “Honey, remember… It’s radio.” Haha I had to agree. L

  5. wow, I didn’t realize that their were so many individuals under the age of 40 that were square, I mean COOL, enough to admit listening to PHC!
    Powdered milk, singing cowboys, Guy Noir?
    Anyway – that reminded me that I heard a story on NPR two weeks ago about how they just finished filming a film version of the show. Say what? I can’t decided if that was a really great idea or a really wierd one. See (listen) for yourself.

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