The Phone Conversation I Had Last Night

went something like this:

[J] Dude, are you guys OK?
[Me] Huh?
[J] Are you alright?
[Me] *Looks around, pats self* Yeah, I think so. Why?
[J] A tornado was reported to have come through south of town where you guys live.
[Me] Oh. We are watching TV and haven’t heard anything but rain. But yeah, we’re OK.
[J] There are reports of damage to campus so I’m headed in to check things out.

And so went about three other calls I received.

We weren’t even watching live TV. We were watching some TiVo’ed programs, we rarely watch live TV anymore. There would’ve been no “doo-doo doo-doo” interrupting our program had there been a tornado baring down upon the tornado magnet that I live in. We would have had no advanced warning. Zero. Nada. I would have been like “Do you hear a train coming this way?” right before the whole place lifted up and went through the rinse cycle.

Scary stuff.

The picture above is a trailer park IN MY AREA. I am so selling my trailer and moving to a brick-covered house. Underground. Anybody want a good deal on a 2002 Cavalier mobile home? One owner, excellent condition. Pretty please?

I would say that whereas Katrina did more wide-spread damage here, this Rita-inspired tornadic activity was spotty but far more severe. The power of the twister is impressive to say the least.

M. and I drove around the affected trailer park during lunch today. The carnage is enough to seriously make us think about trying to sell our place. We’d have to sell it anyway in about 2 years when M. finishes school and we move on. Now seems like a very good time to find a more stable place of residence.

My heart goes out to the poor college kids (that’s mostly who lives in that particular trailer park) that had their homes destroyed. It won’t be easy to focus on school when all your stuff is gone and you have no place to live.

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5 thoughts on “The Phone Conversation I Had Last Night

  1. Wouldn’t it just be easier to move your trailer to higher ground?

    I once had somthing simular, where I was getting a massage and when I left I found the street accross from the place was totaly blow away due to some freak tornado.

  2. Higher ground was actually part of the problem. The trailers that were destroyed were in University Hills (about the only hills in Starkville).

  3. Glad to know that the good ‘ole trailer is still standing. Surprizingly enough, I was about to call you the other night to see if you were ok. I had read an article about Starkvegas trailers earlier. Guess I would have been caller #4 eh?
    Anyway, nice to know things are still there…ever considered sabatoge…how’s the insurance anyway?

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