I’m going to hurt tomorrow

Alarm clock. Snooze. Alarm clock. Snooze. Wait, no. Must. get. up. Pee. Weigh.

187.5 @ 19.5%

Clothes. Water. Stretch. iPod. Run. 3.1 miles

It took me 26 minutes. It could have been worse since I haven’t exercised in a couple of months. There’s lots of room for improvement.


9:15am: yogurt and string cheese
11:45am: big salad
2:30pm: banana
5:30pm: homemade beef soup
9:00pm: Q-smart bar
10:00pm: handful of cashews and half a granola bar

Lots of water and peeing. I’ll see if I can’t mention pee and/or peeing more.

I got in bed after 11:00pm last night, so not quite the 10:30pm I was aiming for. It didn’t matter cause all I did was lay there until about 1:00am. I hope I can fall asleep a little quicker tonight.

Gotta go pee.

2 thoughts on “I’m going to hurt tomorrow

  1. See, doing all that ‘working out’ is really unhealthy for you. Look how you feel.

    Eat right, ya know? 3 big Italian meals a day, and a good sized desert after each one.

    Both you and your mouth will be happy.

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