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I am not pushing the fashion envelope. Really, I’m not. Don’t really want to. But sometimes I see something that I like, either in a store or in media and it turns out to be the Next Popular Thing. It’s happened and more than once. What really sucks is when I see something that I like in a magazine or on TV and there’s nowhere around here to buy it and I can’t find it on the internets. It’s happened and more than once. I have travelled many miles and made special trips to find something that I really liked in the past only to have it widely available weeks to months later.

The latest thing: a velvet blazer. You’re saying “But Kary, I’ve seen those around lots lately.” I know. I’ve been looking for 6 months at least. See, M and I watch What Not To Wear sometimes and I decided months ago that I liked Clinton’s velvet blazers that he wears every now and then on the show. I said “I must have one!”

I could find some on eBay but I want to be able to try it on first, look in a mirror and hold it in my hands ’cause if it don’t work out, I want to be able to take it back easily. “Take it back easily” and eBay don’t know each other. I could find some plain black ones on the internets that I was willing to gamble on but I didn’t want plain black.

Then I started see them more and more. In magazines about fall men’s fashion and on the Today show during a segment about fall men’s fashion and celebrities were wearing them etc etc. On the Today show they showed one like I want and even said the manufacturer’s name. I checked out said manufacturer’s website. Nothing. I found other labels that were carrying velvet blazers in their fall lineup and checked their websites and area stores that carried said labels. NOTHING.

Finally, I found a black pinstripe one on a website that also has a store an hour away in Tupelo. I called the store, they had plain black and brown but not the pinstripe. So I ordered it off the website and I’ve been pretty happy with it. But. I still wanted the burgundy/purple-ish color one.

M tried to track one down for my birthday in October. She called the manufacturer that we saw on the Today show and that I saw in a magazine. “Oh we don’t carry that color, there wasn’t enough interest in it.” What?! you showed it on national television and in a magazine. *sigh*

I’d pretty much given up and then M comes home from a trip to Tupelo last week with a surprise for me. Tada, she found one at the mall. It looks nice and I like it.

So last weekend we were in Tupelo and I’m looking around. EVERY STORE HAS VELVET BLAZERS. In about 5 different colors. Every designer seems to have one. WHERE WERE YOU MONTHS AGO?

Such is the frustrating price of living in Mississippi and having forward thinking taste in clothes.

4 thoughts on “Today on Fashion Focus with Mr. KaryHead

  1. Major props on the jackets. I am this season quite fond my small-waled black quite-velvet-feeling corduroy blazer. I wear it lots and lots. It sure does make a pair of jeans look a lot more dressed up when, in actuality, they, too, came out of the floor earlier that morning.

    There is an imminent shopping venture of mass proportion in our collective futures, Kary! L

  2. Okay… What?
    “Such is the frustrating price of living in Mississippi and having forward thinking taste in clothes.”

    Kary, with a blazer in Mississippi you’re overdressed for everything. Weddings… Graduations (heh, like they have any)… Heck, in the last funeral I saw in Mississippi the corpse had a wife-beater on.

    Come’on Jed, move to Beverly. Hills that is.

  3. Man…I had two of those in high school that I picked up at the downtown Salvation Army. If you are cheap (like me) maybe you can get even more there.

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