Semester’s Over

It’s been fun. I’ve met new and exciting people. Now it’s over…until next semester anyway. I’m going to take one if not two acting classes next semester.

This semester I’ve gone from not know anything about acting and sucking at it to hanging onto the tip of the iceberg and still sucking at it. I made some steps of progress but I still have a lot to learn and experience until I feel like I’m not a stiff reading lines on stage; that I actually become the character. A work in progress but a FUN work in progress.


I’m trying to plan a New Year’s trip to NYC.

I bought a new camera. So I need to learn how to use it properly.

M’s about done with her semester. She teaches three classes of Spanish and takes four landscape architecture graduate classes. She’s what we call insane. But she held up very well this semester, professionally, academically and more importantly emotionally and physically. I’m proud of her.

I’m still on the fat train.

Audition for the new SCT show next week. Meeting about another show tomorrow night.

After three plus weeks of fighting a “cold” I got tired of the coughing and snot and went to the doctor. I’m the proud daddy of one healthy upper respiratory infection. Yay for free antibiotic samples! No beer for me for a week or so.

I’m ready for Scrubs to start coming back on NBC.

The Bourne Identity is quite a good book. Way better than the movie.

I took a random poll and found that other people get “stuff” under their thumbnails. Here’s the kicker, it seems to be the off-hand thumb. I’m right handed and I get crap under my left thumbnail. Other right handed people I talked to also get crap under their left thumbnail but the one left handed person I talked to gets crap under his right thumbnail. Weird.

I need to balance my checkbook.

My TiVo needs a bigger harddrive.

I once spent an entire Saturday building a cat tree. The cats rarely use it. Bastards.

My in-dash CD changer broke. Yay for ipods.

My grandfather has a malignant growth in one of his kidneys. He had some kind of new procedure where they freeze the growth done today, I think. I hope he’s ok.

I’m looking forward to King Kong and Chronicles of Narnia. I saw Rent twice. Maybe a third time this weekend.

“The opposite of war isn’t peace. It’s creation.”