Old School

This is good for a laugh. My first ever web page from 1996. I did it with a text editor (pico). I tried to update it a year later which meant changing everything to past tense.

Be warned. It’s amazing.


4 thoughts on “Old School

  1. This can be described with one word…


    or perhaps

    OMGWTFBBQ!!! My eyes are bleeding!!!

  2. The awsomeness of the page is outstanding. All you were missing was some spinning .gif animation and you of been king!

    However, atleast your first webpage had frames.. 😉

  3. Man,
    I forgot I was “people you know”
    Just me and your brother, how sad is that?!
    At least I am on someone’s list. (good lists, I mean)
    Too bad my webpage that you linked to doesn’t exist any more. It was truly a marvel of html programming.

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