The End is Near

For this URL. I registered a domain and bought some hosting. All that’s left is the work of finding a design I like, customizing it, creating content and getting it published. Ok, that’s probably like 97% of the actual work of building a new website so it may be awhile before is open for business.

Meanwhile, RWS had the main stage show on Friday. It was Vaudeville themed and it was a hoot. If I can get my hands on a decent recording of it, I’ll post some clips. The main problem with the video (mine at least) is the sound is next to worthless. All you can hear is the audience’s raucous laughter. We have another show Thursday the 16th at the Wise Center. It’s a fund raiser for the Horseman’s Association.

Last night I had an audition for the next community theatre show, Smoke on the Mountain. It’s a musical comedy set in the 1930’s around a southern baptist Saturday night singin’. There’s so many talented people trying out (and people who can actually play an instrument) I doubt I’ll get a part. Plus I’ve been sick for a week and didn’t have much energy. The second half of the auditions are tonight.

Rehearsals are going well for SCT’s Terror by Gaslight. We open the 23rd and run 23-26 and 28-March 4. Call 662-323-6855 for reservations.

I’m getting a better feel for my character at each rehearsal. At first it was hard not to make him funny, because that’s my nature, but the character, in general, isn’t the comic relief. He’s cohorts with the comic relief character. My character, Scrubbs, is a nasty fellow and it’s been hard to connect with him. When I first read the script I felt the least connected to him than some of the other characters so it’s been a fun challenge that I’m still working at. The set is looking great and the director, Lyle, has the whole show mapped out in his head, so he knows exactly what he wants and specifically what to ask for from the cast, so that’s been nice.

For those that saw the comedy show on Friday night, you’ll no doubt recall Will Cooper’s Great Wall song. It’s an original song written by himself to the tune of Aerosmith’s Dream On. It’s about his love for the Great Wall chinese eatery in the student union. It brought the house down, as they say. Well, we’re planning a video shoot. It’s. going. to. be. legendary.

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