I’m so going to get fired

When a friend asked me if MSU had any job openings, I accidentally sent the reply to my boss which resulted in the following convo:

me: heck yeah. what are you willing to do and how much dignity do you have is the question(s) though.
me: whoops
boss: er
me: ssorry wrong person
boss: um
me: somebody asked for a job at MSU
me: really
boss: well THAT certainly doesn’t require dignity

Then today I got the funniest (to me) spam for Viagra I’ve ever gotten. I then proceeded to IM the pic to my boss when I meant to send it to my co-worker. Luckily he didn’t actually get it. Though when I told him what happened, he threatened a harassment lawsuit.

The pic (cartoons having sex – possibly NSFW)

Know any good jobs for a UNIX and network administrator?

4 thoughts on “I’m so going to get fired

  1. I’ve actually had that conversations like that with my boss, but they made the work environment better as he hated his job as much as I did.
    After he quit, I nearly sent something to the owner of the company that I shouldn’t have… but at the last second I noticed his name in the email field and saved myself.
    Company X is going to need a new network admin in about 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t wish working here upon my WORST enemies (even though, technically my worst enemies already DO work here).

  2. Thanks guys, but I haven’t been fired and I like my job a lot.

    the flagman: Oh yeah? Well you’re an idiot. So there.

    And UNIX? You wouldn’t understand.

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