Monthly Archives: February 2006

IMKH Radio Ep. #2

This is an interview with Mark Harris, the short form improv director from Runnin’ With Scissors. I plan to interview other RWS cast and crew in the future.

Show notes:

– First song is Tango Rumba-Afro-Cuban from the Mambo Kings Soundtrack
– Second song is What Would You Say by Dave Matthews Band
– Third song is So Long-Farewell-Goodbye by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
– Hopefully you have quicktime/iTunes installed. If you do, you should be able to watch and listen right here. Or download it and put it in iTunes and put it on your iPod. I went all out this time and included pictures and artwork along with the audio. HOURS OF WORK.Otherwise just grab the mp3 and MISS OUT.

Or “Save as…

Or the plain ol’ mp3 version – IMKH Radio Ep. #2 (4.5MB)