The End of an Era

puke-small.jpgI think the time has come to retire from competitive disc golf. I wrote about my disc golf experience here, complete with highlight reel.

I haven’t played seriously or practiced in over a year and I only make the occasional tournament. This last weekend was the big championship in which the winner took home $2100. Not bad for a couple of days of throwing a frisbee. I figured I wouldn’t play well since I’ve averaged about one round a month for the summer.

I played in a couple tournaments earlier in the year and actually did really well. I won one (my first pro win) and played some of my best golf ever in the other. And that was without practicing. So I kinda held out some hope that I might squeak in last place cash or something this last weekend.


I’m the kind of person that if I can’t be competitive then I just don’t want to do it. I still like to play and still want to play for fun but I know I don’t have the time or the drive to practice for tournaments. And I’m sure not going back down to the Amateur ranks. So I’m retiring from competitive play.

I’m not saying I’ll never play another tournament. I probably will but it will be with the mindset of “I’m here for fun and nothing else.” Heck, I hope to never miss a Tishomingo Ice Bowl with the Haydels in cabin #6. That’s too much fun and good food.

My time and energy for personal interests is going towards play rehearsal, improv rehearsal and silly bits for this website. Be looking for a play announcement in the near future, a plug for the Lab Rats and more videos on here.

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