It’s Time I Came Out

After a lot of thought on the matter, I have decided to take this video down. I believe the portrayal of racial stereotypes in this video is not the kind of comedy I am currently striving to do. I think my friends find the video funny because they know me and the type of person I am. However, my friends only account for 49% of the world’s population, so for that other 51% I have taken the video down.

I try to be smarter about my satire these days.

Song excerpt is Skywalker Ranch by Webster County.

9 thoughts on “It’s Time I Came Out

  1. I agree, that was retardedly good… and it’s about time you accepted what the rest of us have known forever Kary….. BIATCH!!!

  2. man. that was wrong on so many levels. So…that makes your dad “mixed” since he has that same hair. That makes sense on so many levels!

    You should have loaded up one of the old ‘fro pictures.

  3. Hey, Nice vlog. You got some interesting things here. But i might worry about being labeled a Ze Frank immitator with your editing and delivery style, try to come up with your own voice that fits you best!

  4. Josh:

    I appreciate that. Ze is what got me excited about this and I just started in earnest vlogging. So I’m still working on “my voice” but Ze and AskANinja are obvious influences right now.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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