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Coffee and Steak

I feel similiarly about coffee and steak though they are not similar to each other. One is an acquired taste and the other, in my opinion, the pinker the better. Of course not every one makes their coffee with Frankenberry cereal.

But seriously, I think if you have to add something to coffee or steak to make it palatable, it’s not good coffee. Or steak. Everytime I order steak at a restaurant, the server brings it out and asks “Would you like any steak sauce?” I answer “I hope not.” Now marinade is a good thing. It’s very important and every chef has their own steak marinade secrets. It’s a slap in the face to the chef if you slather every meaty bite with A-1.

And coffee? Why drink it if you have to dilute it with sugar and cream? Learn to enjoy the flavor of ‘bitter,’ people. Come on. I’m not a big coffee drinker, I’ll pour myself about a half a cup at work and drink maybe half of that. I’ll drink the coffee at home and at work but most other places, even the fancy expensive places, straight, black coffee is terrible. Sugar and cream just mask the burnt, chemical taste. I can’t drink the stuff. I’ll enjoy a frou-frou coffee drink from time to time. But gimme my coffee black. Don’t pansy it up because you can’t make a decent cup.