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Random Things for Today

I received my first ever unsolicited text message on my cell today. It was someone inquiring about the possibility of giving me oral sex. I declined but in a courteous way.

I got my first ever mini-frisbee-golf hole-in-one today. It was sweet.

I learned that cloning a system is best not to do when the system you are cloning is running. Seems obvious in hindsight. Man, the fsck on the new system was horrific. ssh+dd is cool.

A coworker had a small cardboard box at work today. He said if any of us could guess what was in the box, we could have it. After several minutes of us guessing, I finally hit upon it. I am now the proud owner of a partypoker.com hat.

I found that I’m quoted on the SANS website by Stephen Northcutt. Awesome. Too bad most people will think MSU is Michigan State Univ instead of Mississippi State Univ.

So all in all, a red letter day.

I’ll close with a story. This happened a few months ago.

Some buddies and I were traveling to Mobile, AL for a disc golf tournament and we were to meet up with another friend in Meridian on the way. While we were waiting for him, I ran inside a convenience store for a drink.

Now, you need to know that I have curly hair. Really curly hair.

As I was checking out, the black lady behind the counter said Oooooweeee, you got some curly hair. I said Yes ma’am. Is it real or you got a perm? It’s real, I inherited it from my dad. She looked my mini-fro over again and asked You got some of us in you dontcha? I replied I reckon I do. She turned to her friend He said he reckons he does. Laughter ensued.