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Funerals in the south

funeral_procession.jpgIf you’re driving in the south and a funeral procession goes by, it’s proper etiquette to pull over out of respect and wait for it to pass. And I really didn’t get it and thought it was annoying until I was in a funeral procession and saw other people doing it for us. It’s really touching.

I mean, these people are going about their busy lives and are probably in a hurry and then they see a line of cars with their headlights on and a big black car at the front. Sometimes there is a police escort if it is an especially important person that has passed or a particularly long procession of cars. So they pull over for a minute or so to honor the dead and show respect to those that are grieving.

My question is this: Does this happen outside of the south? Does this happen in the midwest, the northwest, the east? Anybody know?