Don’t tell my mom but

tomorrow night I’m Runnin’ With Scissors.

Yep, my first improv show is tomorrow night Friday the 11th at 7:30pm at McComas Hall in the lab theatre. I’m totally excited and a little bit nervous (everytime I think about it, I poop a little in my pants). I mean, I might freeze up and won’t be able to speak. Or maybe I won’t be funny.

Ok, haha, that’s ridiculous. Of course, I’ll be funny. Heck, if I can’t think of anything to say, THE CLOTHES ARE COMING OFF.

Which reminds me of one thing I’ve learned since I got involved in theatre lo these 5 months: theatre people will take off their clothes at the drop of a hat and with no provocation whatsoever. Interesting tidbit for ya there.

Anyway, there will be another show at 10:00pm. I’m not in that one so you’ll want to come and see both, obviously. Drive, fly, run, tricycle, pogo stick: whatever you gotta do to get here and see the show. You’ll need to clear any excuses with me prior to the show

Otherwise, you’ll be hearing from me.

7 thoughts on “Don’t tell my mom but

  1. Pick one:
    Bill Mcnary needs a bath.
    My leer jet is in the shop.
    I have an appointment to pawn a bag of Babe’s kisses (they’re worth more than gold).
    It’s Veteran’s Day, are you a Veteran?

  2. Well shoot! I can’t be there for you tonight as I am also in performance mode this evening. I’m doing a dramatic thingy tonight at the Starkville Area Arts Council Gala. But I’ll be thinking of you, dahhhhling. Actually, I think of you all the time anyway . . . but I’ll try to increase the intensity somewhat for this special occasion. As your dedicated stalker, I hate to let you down. Please ask wife M if she could take up the slack for me this time.

    Break a leg!

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