Merry Thankfullness Day

What am I thankful for? Today is a day to think about what things one is thankful for, I think. Though I have been under the impression that it was all about finding an excuse to eat so much that you want to die.

So. Thankful. Right. My wife, my family, my

Oh, the food’s ready. Sweet! Good thing we just installed that vomitorium. I can eat all day non-stop. Sonzyeah.

2 thoughts on “Merry Thankfullness Day

  1. I used a vomitorium once, or at least I thought I was until I found out it was Susan Sarandon.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kerryhead.


    John Doom

  2. Sonzyeah? Sonzyeah! I haven’t heard that in a while, Mr. “Posse Jr.”

    (can you tell I picked up a middle school annual over thanksgiving?) O-G-M-S, it was a glasses off year for you!

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