One Song Glory, Two Song Sublimity

one02.jpgYeah so Monday and Tuesday are auditions for the SCT summer musical. I’m looking forward to getting started, I’m already bored sitting on the couch and tappy tappin’ on the computer and watching TV. I can’t fathom a whole summer of this.

Last year I sang Younger Than Springtime from South Pacific which I hadn’t ever heard before. Twice. ‘Cause I didn’t know that most people sing two different songs, one of each night.

Well this year I got two songs lined up to try out. I’m meeting with my friend D, who helped me find a song last year, on Saturday. So I hope the songs I have picked out will suit me ’cause there won’t be time to find anything else.

I’m slighly worried cause the style of the songs is not what I’m used to doing. They’re more rock and I’ve always considered myself more of a crooner. Also the range is kinda high for me. So we’ll see how it works out on Saturday. Both songs are from RENT.

In other news. There’s been some, kinda big and like wow. I’ll leave it for another day.

5 thoughts on “One Song Glory, Two Song Sublimity

  1. “kinda big and like wow”
    That is not anything like I am kinda big?
    -you know, you’re not getting any younger 😉

  2. Ok, no. No, we are not having a baby. I mean, yeah, that would be kinda big and like wow. But I’m referring to theatre news – what you (Krista) told me the other day. And some other stuff that can’t really be discussed.

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