Can I just say…

jack_bauer-badass.jpg…how hardcore the show 24 is? I’m late getting on the 24 wagon, I know, but Great Salted Butter Nuts!

We started with Season 1 and are about 6 hours away from finishing Season 3. Season 3 is the most hardcore yet. I won’t say anything in case someone hasn’t seen it but plans to, but…just…damn!

I really think 24 has changed how far other shows are willing to go with their stories now. I felt the most recent Heroes episode had some 24-style hardcoreness in it. We’ve come along way from The A-Team where no matter how far the bad guys’ car falls off the cliff, they always crawl out just before it explodes.

We hope to get caught by up the time season 7 airs, I think we can even though we’ve got a lot left to watch. No spoilers please!

P.S. I googled for a Jack Bauer pic and found one very similar to the one I created, but they had it marked “private” on flickr so I respected their wishes and didn’t steal it. I just borrowed the idea.

2 thoughts on “Can I just say…

  1. OH MY LORD. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see that y’all have caught on. No spoilers, here, but wow are you in for a ride. I am a huge fan and Jack Bauer is my hero. I love it when he slides down hills with guns. EEEH. Iloveit, loveit, loveit.

  2. Season 3 might be my favorite of the bunch (though 5 kicks tons of ass, too). How’d you like that Season 3 finale? (Jack Bauer with an ax, bitches!)

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