Plans for Summer ’08

are thus:

  • Finish updating resumé and start job hunt
  • Bust it in the gym (and by “it” I mean “my ass”)
  • Hash out next video/comedy project
  • Write up posts on what I learned about producing a web show
  • Learn longform improv
  • Pick up an outdoor recreation for exercise like tennis or ultimate

2 thoughts on “Plans for Summer ’08

  1. But what about booze, sex, and drugs? And waterskiing. I did some waterskiing while at MSU. Lake Oktibbeha, I believe it was…..there used to be a MSU waterski team, believe it or not.

  2. Those are everyday plans. Except the water skiing. And no, I don’t believe MSU ever had a water skiing team. That would be like Starkville having an inline hockey league complete with custom-built rink. … Wait.

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