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Plans for Summer ’08

are thus:

  • Finish updating resumé and start job hunt
  • Bust it in the gym (and by “it” I mean “my ass”)
  • Hash out next video/comedy project
  • Write up posts on what I learned about producing a web show
  • Learn longform improv
  • Pick up an outdoor recreation for exercise like tennis or ultimate

To Do

In no particular order:

  • Figure out next week’s Good Commitment episode.
  • Figure out how to work Vlog Fight
    • Figure out how to pull videos off of facebook
    • Figure out the platform (a blog?)
    • Post current videos
  • Make new vlog that I’ve had planned for a few months but haven’t had time
  • Figure out new direction for Good Commitment
    • How to run a contest
    • How to pull off a live show
  • Push current GC content to more sites
  • Enter sketches into the Daily Motion contest.
  • Re-design GC look and site
  • Update resume and start job hunt
  • Renew passport
  • Plan Europe trip
  • Work on blip facebook app
  • Get tux measurements for a friend’s wedding
  • Figure out the problem with the head unit in my jeep
  • Build trunk for jeep
  • Quit being a fat ass (I did well for about 4 weeks and not well for the next 4 weeks. Thus, I’m still a fat ass)