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Mississippians With Modems

This our new video over at Good Commitment. I’ll try not to post every video here so make sure you bookmark it and check it out at least once a week. If you have an RSS media aggregator like Democracy or Fireant, subscribe via the links on that page.

Kary Lee and Jamie Ray discover the Internet. They decide to put one of them funny videos “on the line.” After a six pack or two, they come up with an idea, but not everything goes according to plan.

Merry Christmas

Here’s something I submitted for a Christmas carol collaboration effort for the Yahoo! videoblogging group. We were all sent the same accompaniment track. I wanted to do something different for the last verse so I downloaded the music (though I think it’s just piano music) and tried to sing all four parts. The key is C which is a difficult key for me but I gave it my best shot. It’s a bit dodgy in places but I had fun.

When the final video with everybody’s submissions edited together is finished, I’ll post it.

Update: The collaboration video from pjkproductions

Update: Paul’s remix

Ze Frank emailed me


My awesome and beautiful wife emailed Ze Frank and asked him to wish me a happy birthday. He did.

happy birthday!

now you have to wet yourself.

your wife said you would.

send a picture of the wetting.



So I sent the above picture to him. And of course I couldn’t resist making a video. It’s slightly disturbing.

It’s Time I Came Out

After a lot of thought on the matter, I have decided to take this video down. I believe the portrayal of racial stereotypes in this video is not the kind of comedy I am currently striving to do. I think my friends find the video funny because they know me and the type of person I am. However, my friends only account for 49% of the world’s population, so for that other 51% I have taken the video down.

I try to be smarter about my satire these days.

Song excerpt is Skywalker Ranch by Webster County.